about us

” A video shows emotion, gives you goosebumps, brings back memories or excites you to make new memories. For us, video is everything. We love to share our experience and to work with passionate business owners and travellers. We love to see the pride in their eyes when they see their business and travels captured in a few minutes. ” Andreas & Michelle, The crew of the Nomad Productions.

Meet the crew

When you work with us, your business will be visited by with Michelle & Andreas. They met each other when they were hired as freelancers by an Australian travel guide to create marketing content and found out that they are the perfect team with the same passions: Exploring new places, connecting with ambitious people and create beautiful content. The synergy between their skills and passions created the idea to develop this unique concept into The Nomad Productions.


Meet Andreas in his natural habitat and in his comfort zone: Filming the property of one of the businesses we worked with. He is a chocolate and travel addict, a combination that works out perfectly. 

Andreas is a Swedish content producer with over 10 years experience in the industry. He is specialised in high paced “run and gun” style of filming and has extensive knowledge in the complete process from shooting content to delivery. Since 2012 he has filmed more than 350 businesses in the travel industry including everything from nature, action, real estate and food in 5 different continents. Find more of his work at www.andreasmachado.com 
E: andreas@thenomadproductions.com


Meet Michelle (in the middle), being in ultimate happiness surrounded by two of the travellers who joined on one of our trips. She can’t do a day without Sun and if you manage to bring her a fresh coconut, she will love you forever.

Michelle is a Dutch creative professional with over 10 years experience in tourism, marketing and business development. Since 2010 she was involved in the development of multiple brands in variety of industries in The Netherlands, South America and Australia. Besides The Nomad Productions she helps business owners increasing their online visibility by providing digital marketing services.
E: michelle@thenomadproductions.com